apply successfully

If you're ready to become a part of our team we would like to support you in composing an attractive application. The following files belong to a complete application:

Cover Letter

Please note in your cover letter which position you are applying for or if it is about an initial application. Furthermore we would appreciate it, if you could tell us from which website or person you became aware of the job advertisement or the company. Describe your motivation and  what distinguishes you especially from others for filling this job. Mention relevant experiences that you have already collected and state your next possible date of entry as well as your salary expectations.


You can create a cover sheet with your photo and contact details, but this isn't necessary. It is also possible to insert the photo into the CV. In any case make sure that you have a professional photo and that it complies with your current appearance.

Curriculum vitae

Please send us your documents with a complete and tabularly arranged CV. Pay attention to a chronologically correct order.  Often the current employ is named first. Significant for an attractive CV are not only positions that you have gone through so far but also a clear organized structure. Highlight the points from which you benefit the most.


Make sure that all certifications (at least those that are relevant for the profession) are attached.


Summarize your application as an entire PDF file. Applications are preferentially received digitally even if postal applications are also considered.



Please keep in mind that the search for suitable candidates in the industry usually begins 10 months before the apprenticeship starts. Particularly interesting profiles are also considered after this period for an apprenticeship or studies.

We are always willing to give the applicants the chance of convincing us of his interests in a personal interview. Therefore, do not hesitate and send us an initial application.


We look forward to receive your application

We are pleased to receive your application by email via If you have any questions, please contact our recruiters Mrs. Mandy Grimm on 06271 805-174 or Mrs. Angelika Blanke on 06271 805-181.