Our strong partners

"Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success."

To come up to this citation from Henry Ford and in order to offer the optimum solution to our customers at any time, we are part of a long-term and successful network of outstanding partners (each of them being one of the market leaders in their field).

We are most pleased to introduce our most important partners:

Deutsche Mechatronics

Deutsche Mechatronics GmbH (DTMT), based in Mechernich, Germany, is our sister company with which we jointly implement large production and development projects.Together we have the experience and reach to realize large ticketing projects.

PSI Logo

Since 2000, krauth and PSI Transcom have been successfully managing numerous projects in the field of fare management. For these projects, krauth technology supplied the on-board computers and the systems for fare management.


Innovative control technology for mobility and efficiency

PSI solutions comprise multi-client vehicle location systems (AVLS – Automatic Vehicle Location System) with real-time passenger information for busses and tramways, solutions for train management and depot management. Furthermore, PSI Transcom develop systems for automatic, video-based train dispatch.

With PSI AVLS software and more than 30 years of experience, PSI Transcom ensure optimum and efficient processes within transportation companies. This serves to ensure that passengers of busses and trains reach their destination safely and in time and the service quality is maintained on a maximum level.

At the same time PSI manage to increase mobility – no matter if in urban or rural areas – and protect the environment by a careful handling of resources, energy and fuel.

Continuous commitment in research projects and associations as well as cooperation with capable IT partners enable PSI to make essential contributions to the development of control system solutions by submitting innovative approaches and strategies.

This offers an excellent starting point when it comes to the configuration of customized systems and support for maintaining the customer’s competitiveness.

MG Industrie Elektronik

Founded in 1982, MG Industrieelektronik GmbH plan and realise information systems for public transport. Since then, they have successfully managed to become firmly established on the worldwide market.

More than 25 years of experience enable MG Industrieelektronik to provide the necessary know-how for the full range of technical requirements in public transport.

Being a strategic partner of krauth technology, the products of MG Industrieelektronik are also available for customers of krauth technology. These products are for example: 19” on-board computers (also for trains), wireless-based traffic signal priority systems, electric-acoustic system and communication modules, passenger counting systems and passenger information systems.

Efficient exploitation of all product features is guaranteed by interrelated hardware and software development processes.



ISS Logo

ISS stand for individual wiring solutions and services in public transport.
They provide any service around vehicle wiring – from preparing wiring diagrams to the ready-to-use vehicle

Besides the complete project planning they also install on-board computers and ticket printers, ticket stampers and validators, traffic signal priority systems (LSA), communication systems, passenger counting systems, video monitoring systems, counting systems or fuel data registration.

In Switzerland, BiLL GmbH is one of the leading providers of system solutions for ticket vending systems in public transport. Being a system provider BiLL are offering an up-to-date and comprehensive solution from one single source, tailored to the customers’ special needs. The multitenant background system fully integrates all (electronic) sales s for all types of front end devices.

Satisfied customers are the major objective of BiLL GmbH. They are flexible, innovative and reliable. Quality counts. The customer is offered the entire handling of a project, starting with a presentation of the proposed solutions to the handover of the turnkey system. Designated specialists with many years of professional experience offer an excellent service, even during the whole “life cycle” of the product.

At BiLL, profound knowledge goes hand in hand with state-of-the-art technologies. BiLL meet challenges, offer competent advice and innovative development - for sophisticated solutions for complex systems. Information and transportation technologies are undergoing a rapid development these days.
BiLL GmbH have been the official representatives for krauth technology in Switzerland since 1999.

Being an innovative software provider for mobile sales and control systems, AMCON GmbH offer comprehensive sales solutions for control devices, advance sales systems and registration of increased fares in public transport.
Key element for these solutions is the modular software package UFHO
which was developed by AMCON. This package includes all major functions of a public transport sales system and is conceived as database-based client-server software. The client software supports numerous operating system platforms and mobile terminals of different manufacturers. The single modules (background system with tariff administration, sales, control, increased fares, etc.) are adapted and licensed in accordance with the requirements of the transportation company. The electronic ticket as per core application standard (defined by the VDV - Association of German Transport Companies) is fully supported.
Customized solutions for each transport company are realized by combining AMCON products with the efficient components of krauth technology

Logo Solver

Solver is a software-house and IT systems integrator, located in Slovakia, Europe. Experience gained during 21 years of delivering high-quality IT services are their most valuable asset, used for the sake of their customers. With a team of 25 developers, they elaborate real solutions for their customers.
Their major core activities are

Mobile applications for ANDROID, iOS and WinMobile devices.

Provision of highly skilled software development outsourcing services.


In numerous projects, our long-term project and service partner is the local contact for customers in Austria.

Owing to the high competence of the local staff, service and repair times may be considerably reduced.

andré stocker design develop and design products and product concepts for medium-sized enterprises and international brands as well as for towns and municipalities. The portfolio includes the design of consumer and capital goods, complete fair concepts and products for public space.

The design team comprises several experiences industrial designers and a network of specialists.

Together with krauth technoloy the company andré stocker design is responsible for the design of new product lines (p. ex. on-board-computer kt 0101 MT, pay desk, information column).


maBinso software GmbH, located in Hamburg, are specialising in innovative software solutions for public transport.
maBinso staff has many years of experience in the consultation of public transport and the development of software. The maBinso team has profound knowledge of the special requirements and restrictions in this field of industry and their handling

maBinso activities can be summarized as follows:
-    software (maBinso Studio)
-    consulting (maBinso Consulting)
-    services (maBinso Services)

The business intelligence software “maBinso Studio” supports transport companies in coping with challenges during operation.
The software links informative data from most diverse sources to display operational figures. Systems that are already being in service within the company can be used further and the information provided by them can be integrated

ÖPNV-Service GmbH is a service provider in the areas of ITCS cabling, repair, maintenance and services for more than 10 years. The customers of ÖPNV-Service include vehicle manufacturers, transport companies and system suppliers. The company installs a wide variety of technology from various suppliers in buses and trains, independent of manufacturers, and offers not only neutral advice in the area of ITCS/IBIS, but also practical solutions and extensions.


Visit our partner: www.metricgroup.co.uk