Donation for the community foundation of Eberbach!

After we already supported kindergarten Arche Noah with a donation in june 2016, we are pleased to also fund the project „Boulder climbing forest“ of the middle school in Eberbach.

PE teacher Andreas Forberger founded a project team with 65 children, whose will build the climbing wall on their own. Only the gravel and the edging will be built by the construction yard.

Bouldern means climbing without a climbing rope and climbing harness on boulders, scarps or climbing walls in a moderate height where it is possible to jump off without risk of injury.

We are glad that we are able to support diligent children and dedicated teachers with our donation. 

In Christmas time we will again support a social service provider in Eberbach instead of buying giveaways. If you have any suggestion of an eligible project, please feel free to contact Mrs. Johe from the krauth tecnology team.

Handover of Donation
krauth technology donates to middle school in Eberbach
The children are having fun while working.
krauth technology donates to middle school in Eberbach
The students are building the boulder wall on their own.
krauth technology donates to middle school in Eberbach
This is how the boulder wall will look like.


Donation for the community foundation of Eberbach!


Part of the receipts for food and drinks from out open day were handed over on June 15th 2016 to the community foundation of Eberbach.

The money offered will be for the benefit of the kindergarden "Arche Noah" to support their project for the prevention of violence entitled "Courageous and strong" for the 18 new abecederians in 2016. The children are taught to demonstrate self-assertion and self-defence when confronted with violence and physical harassment.
Objectives are: Becoming aware of feelings and strange situations and behaving correctly in conflict situations.

We are pleased to facilitate to the aecederians the start in a new phase of life and would like to thank all those who visited us and thus contributed to this donation.

To read the article in our regional Eberbach Channel, click here:


Spendenübergabe im Kintergarten Arche Noah
Handover of donation to the Kindergarten Arche Noah

News from krauth technology   2016-06-06


90th anniversary of krauth technology - Eberbach celebrates with us!

Eberbach: 90 years krauth technology! Reason enough to celebrate. For almost one century krauth has been standing for quality and innovation in this region.

Thus, all our employees were invited to come with their families on June 4, 2016 to celebrate with us. This was a good possibility for the children to visit the working place of their parents and the family members could become familiar with the company. Additionally, we offered an accompanying programme for all ages, a bobby car course, a bouncy castle, goal wall shooting and many more attractions. Delicious steaks, sausages and cool drinks were also offered of course.

On Sunday, June 5, we were pleased to welcome people from Eberbach and its surroundings. Some of our guests even came from far away. Amongst them were our national and international sales partners (thanks to Bill GmbH, andré stocker design and AMCON).
Our management, Mr Gerd Neureuter and Mr Kai Horn opened the official part together with the mayor of Eberbach, Mr Peter Reichert. We especially enjoyed the presence of Dr. Liu (CEO of our parent company) who had taken the long way from China together with some of his employees to underline their appreciation for krauth.
An extensive framework programme could be offered with the active assistance of our regional partners. In this context we would like to thank the Realschule (secondary school) for the delicious wafers and cakes, the Darctlub Eberbach for the perfect beverage service and the Metzgerei (butcher’s shop) Zorn for providing tasty barbecued food.
All profits from this event are donated to the Bürgerstiftung (community foundation) of Eberbach. The adjacent companies Lidl, Kaufland and Hagebaumarkt kindly made available their parking spaces, many thanks to them, too!

Even though the weather conditions put our organisational capabilities to the test we were able to showed our company to more than 1000 interested people. Our thanks also go to the numerous busy helpers from krauth technology who contributed to two great days.

Viele Interessierte besuchten unsere Fertigungshalle
Many interested people visited our production hall
Beispiele unserer Lackiererei in Eberbach
Our paint-spray section in Eberbach
Spaß für Groß und Klein bei krauth technology
Fun for all ages

Photos: Dominik Kussler


This is the programme we offered:

  • Guided company tours every hour
  • Bouncy castle
  • Bobby car Course
  • Music
  • Food and drinks
  • Goal wall shooting
  • Wheel of fortune
  • and numerous informations desks from companies in Eberbach (one more thank-you goes to our partners):

     Stadtwerke Eberbach

     SV Eberbach


     Müller Holzbau

     Johannes Diakonie


     Reisebüro First Business Travel

     CED Dahlke

     Autohaus Lenz

     Autohaus Hufnagel