krauth technology appoints Daniel Ott as a new member of the executive board


Eberbach: krauth technology granted Daniel Ott joint power of attorney with effect from October 15, 2018. At the same time he has been appointed as a member of the management board.

Since 2011 Daniel Ott is working for the krauth technology GmbH. After his first function as a staff unit of the managing director, he became team leader of the project management department in 2012. In addition to the leading position in project management, in 2016 he also took over the disciplinary leadership of the Research & Development department. Due to the recent changes in the management level, Daniel Ott now complements the management of krauth technology GmbH as a new member. Together with Mr. Gerd Neureuter, he is now responsible for all business issues of the company. His direct responsibilities in project management and research & development remain.