PSI Transcom and krauth technology strengthen their cooperation


Berlin. Under the slogan "Quickly on the market and close to customers", PSI Transcom GmbH and krauth technology GmbH are extending their cooperation agreement and bundling their expertise in the development of on-board computers and ITCS system solutions.

Torsten Vogel, Managing Director of PSI Transcom GmbH and Kai Horn, Board Member of krauth technology signed an extended cooperation agreement that will bolster cooperation between both companies.

Berlin, 22 September 2016
At the international trade fair for transport technology, which takes place in Berlin from 20 September 2016 to 23 September 2016, both companies will exhibit side by side. This is yet another reason to reaffirm the partnership established in 2009 on a contractual basis and to cast it in a new light.
Building on their collaboration, PSI and krauth technology are currently developing a new generation of ITCS/on-board computer system solutions.
The ongoing relocation of the krauth development facility to Slomanhaus, where PSI Transcom is located, marks a further step towards closer cooperation. The krauth team from Hamburg has been working closely with the experts from PSI since 29 August 2016. By consolidating locations, both companies stand to benefit from shorter communication channels, faster development times and the bundling of expertise under one roof.
Statement from Torsten Vogel: "I value the extremely productive collaboration with krauth, which dates back to 2002 and has endured numerous peaks and troughs. While product life-cycles become ever shorter, our customers demand long-term solutions, which requires a degree of stability among market participants."
 "I very much look forward to working with Torsten Vogel and his team. Realising the increasingly complex interfaces between on-board computers and a modern ITCS control centre incorporating depot management with PSI in the future is a major advantage for us. We can now optimise the deployment of our collective resources in developing lean and innovative solutions for and with our customers. The fact that we now have a joint location in Hamburg is the first clearly visible sign," says Kai Horn of krauth technology, referring to the motivation behind the cooperation agreement.
With PSI Transcom
Success through Continuity and Competence! PSI Transcom has been developing and integrating intelligent control technology solutions for public transport and commuter rail companies for 35 years. During this time, the company has built up a broad spectrum of customers in Germany and further afield, including companies in Switzerland, Malaysia, The Netherlands and in Poland. The spectrum of PSI Transcom solutions includes multi-client-capable vehicle management systems offering real-time passenger information for buses and trams, solutions for train management as well as depot management systems. With PSItraffic solutions, bus and train services can be efficiently controlled and monitored. Passengers are provided with up-to-date information and benefit from maximum service quality.