Stefan Schäfer becomes new Sales and Marketing Manager


Eberbach: January 1, 2019, Stefan Schäfer becomes head of sales and marketing at krauth technology GmbH and returns to the company after five years.

In 2011 Stefan Schäfer started his career as a dual student at the DHBW in Mosbach. After graduating, the 32-year-old left krauth technology for a master's degree in sales management and to gain further work experience. Within a few years, he became a successful manager. Now he returns to his professional roots. Recently, he worked in the management level of a well-known automotive supplier. Now Stefan Schäfer is looking forward to his new position at krauth technology.

"It is obvious that in the last few years krauth technology took a big step forward. Now is the time to bring fresh perspective into the company and into the transportation industry and to enrich the public transport market with new innovative approaches. I am happy to be back in Eberbach to drive forward the further development of krauth technology and use my experience to shape the future of sales", explained Stefan Schäfer. The executive management is pleased to have won a young but at the same time experienced manager, who represents an ideal and very valuable addition to the existing management board.