Paying option girogo of the Sparkassen

Collaborative project with the EVAG

Krauth technology GmbH together with Erfurt Transport Services (EVAG) accomplishes Sparkasse’s payment function Girogo

The future of cashless payments whether via cards or contactless is now becoming a reality. The German bank Sparkasse Mittelthürginen started an extensive project together with EVAG. The goal was to make the SparkassenCard attractive with the contactless-function Girogo for small values of up to 20 Euro and to establish it more in people’s daily routine. Thanks to the partnership of the Sparkasse Mittelthüringen and the EVAG these goals are set to be achieved. The Sparkasse Mittelthüringen issued 200.000 Girogo-enabled cards for contactless payment transactions by the end of 2013 and the EVAG with 49 million passengers per year is one of the companies within the region of Erfurt with the most customers.
In May most of the mobile ticket machines from Krauth Technology in trams will be extended with the payment function Girogo. In the press conference Phillip Nußbaum took advantage of the opportunity to present the new technique to an interested audience. A huge benefit of the contactless variety, as compared to other cashless payment systems, is the vandalism-proof and hardwearing technology.

Update: 31.03.2015
Based on a positive response from EVAG customers the contactless payment option Girogo will also be extended to Karuth Technology board computers/ticket printers.