kt 0101 on-board computer
kt 0101 on-board computer

First orders for the new on-board computer kt0101!

After convincing presentations of the new on-board computer generation kt0101 we are glad about the first two orders.

In Bischhofsheim we were able to acquire a customer, (Congratulations to our sales professional to the first on-board computer kt0101 order!) who will implement the new distribution system in two project steps. In September 2015 we will already activate the basis system with highQ timetable and roster and AMCON Backoffice as well as the sales application. Here we use again together with our partners the HuSSt-interface (the HuSSt- format is vendor independent and can be implemented in projects with no licence-charge.)

In the second project stage the Implementation of a ITCS „light“ takes place with port to the data hub as well as the full on-board computer function on the new kt 0101 on-board computer.

The content of the second order is the migration of from the krauth AK 0159 system to the kt 0101 on-board computer for the Sylter Verkehrsgesellschaft (SVG). This project will be curated by our subsidiary Hamburg and it is the first project in which we keep the existing krauth technology BackOffice and only extend the kt 0101 by its specific requirements.

Due to that an asynchronous balanced mode is possible, until all vehicles will be equipped with the new krauth on-board computers in June 2016.

Mr. Seddig, project manager of SVG explains: „We are a pleased krauth customer, still we took a look around in the branch. With its latest on-board computer with Android, krauth technology though provides the latest ticketing system on the market and that’s how we are able to present us upon our demanding customers as a modern transportation company in the upcoming years. The good support by the subsidiary Hamburg and the possibility of the maintenance of the BackOffice were further important arguments for our decision. I’m looking forward to this project“.