mobile ticket vendor for Frankfurt

55 mobile ticket machines

for Stadtverkehrsgesellschaft mbH in Francfurt (Oder) “

Krauth technology GmbH is pleased to have acquired a new customer, the “Stadtverkehrsgesellschaft mbH Frankfurt (Oder)“, for whom we will equip with 55 mobile ticket machines. 

After a successful EU-tender process we were able to present ourselves successfully with our product AK 0328 and already in October we will deliver the first machines to the SVF.


With new technology and sophisticated designs for all of Krauth Technology products you can expect constant innovative and cutting edge ticket sale systems. The online connection to thek rauth web-monitoring system will especially lead to a distinct optimization of the processes in the area of money dispensing services.


Mr Hartmut Huwe (representative for SVF) said: “Krauth Technology has the entire manufacturing collected in one location so that it provides an efficient supply, even with our ambitious first delivery date. Through our competitive tendering procedures, overall concept of hardware and software and of course also economic considerations has led to our decision to award the contract to krauth technology.


Krauth SMART BackOffice is the “connecting factor” and provides simple administration of the entire system.


Kai Horn, the new sales manager at Krauth expressed of the successful debut “For me it was the first major project for which I took responsibility as a sales manager at Krauth technology which is why I am really delighted about this order! Here I would like to thank firstly the SVF who has always dealt with us constructively and openly throughout the procedure. I would also like to thank my new sales team, who have made the process really easy for me.”

Krauth technology GmbH is a part of the Nussbaum-group, which has successfully integrated other technological companies beyond their core business of workshop equipment.
The global group employs a staff of 1.200 people.

Update 2015-03-31: Successfully in final operation since December 2014!