Technical data


  • Layout approx. 7.40m x 7.40m
  • Height approx. 10.35m
  • Gross floor area approx. 55m²
  • Clearance 0.85m
  • Dimensions for the foundation: project specific
  • Headroom of the transfer area approx. 2.30m

Storage capacities 

  • Storage levels : 5 (not accessible)
  • Storage capacity: 120 bikes
  • 2 bike boxes per level
  • 12 bikes per bike box
  • Permissible weight per parking spot max. 30 kgLagergeschosse: 5 (nicht zugänglich)

Permissible bike measures

  • Length: 2.00m
  • Maximum height : 1.15m
  • Width in the region of the handlebars: 0.75m
  • Width in the region of the taillight: 0.20m
  • Hook for helmet and bag

Bike house

All-automatic parking garage for bikes Radhaus

Radhaus at night
an advanced & innovative concept for the bicycle-infastructure

Intelligent bike parking

The SMT bike house is a fully-automatic parking garage for bikes and electric bicycles. The building has a floor area of approximately 55 square meters and has a height of approximately 10.35m with 5 storage levels. Up to 120 bikes can be parked safely with protection against theft and the effects of weather.

Parking a bike

Green and red LED-signals on the gates indicate which gate has a free parking place available. The user opens the door to a free place by holding a chip card to the receiver of the gate. The bike can now be pushed backwards into the box and a folding clamp secures the back wheel preventing the bike from involuntary rolling out. A hook is also provided for a helmet or a bag. After parking the bike in the box the user closes the door by holding the chip card to the receiver until the door is completely closed.

Removing a bike:

The user logs in via one of the two monitors of the system. The system determines the place in which the bike was parked. By use of the monitor the user will be sent to the corresponding gate, and meanwhile the bike box with the bike will be brought down from the warehouse. The door will open as soon as the bike is located behind it. The user can now remove the bike and can close the door by holding the chip card to the receiver until the door is completely closed.

Simultaneous garaging of several bikes:

If there are enough free places available in the bike box, several people can park their bikes in the system simultaneously. Thereby the system is suitable for stations where many people may want to park their bikes simultaneously.