krauth technology is development partner of Deutsche Bahn

stationary ticket vending machine
for the DB Ideenzug

Krauth technology is the development partner of Deutsche Bahn and realizes new sales concepts in the “Ideenzug” for the regional train. In the innovation project of the Südostbayernbahn, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, and the innovation lab of DB passenger transport d.lab, krauth assumes the development and the provision of prototypes for the distribution processes. Together with the project team of the Deutsch Bahn, the medium-sized company is developing new product and service concepts for the regional train of the future and links them with new technological applications.

In cooperation with the design studio neomind, passengers and authorities of the rail passenger transport, Deutsche Bahn has developed a new visionary interior concept for the regional train of the future. The new products and services can be experienced in a fully accessible 1: 1 model of a double-deck rail coach. The rail coach is built of 22 flexible modules and is therefore transportable. All product innovations will be presented to the public and associations as well intensively tested by customers. The most successful concepts will be integrated into the development of the new train generations and redesign concepts.

Within the project krauth technology will contribute its innovations in the area of the (ticketing) sales process and the connection of all services to a payment system. For this purpose, the DB provides the 1: 1 model of the Ideenzug as a development platform. In addition, krauth is providing a new prototype of a stationary ticket vending machine, specifically designed for the needs of senior citizens. Novel seating and lounge concepts, intelligent workstations as well as high-quality and cashless catering are examples of different service innovations that are actually in the developing process. The aim of the innovation project is to simplify the day-to-day life of the customers and make their stay in the train as pleasant as possible.

"For us it has been a great award to be selected from Deutsche Bahn as the contact for the entire sales infrastructure in the Ideenzug. With a motivated team and through agile project management and development methods, we are able to achieve the ambitious project goals in short development cycles. We are looking forward to the first presentations and the feedback from the customers, "says Kai Horn. Executive Board Member of krauth technology. Julian Follner, Project Manager at the Südostbayernbahn, added: "We are very pleased to have found such an excellent partner as krauth technology for the development of a new distribution infrastructure, with which all services in the" Ideenzug" can be experienced. Together we want to test all the details with our customers and gather many valuable insights for the regional traffic of the future".