Abellio Mitteldeutschland - major project successfully completed


Everything started on September 25th 2014 on the international trade fare for transport technology InnoTrans: Abellio Mitteldeutschland and krauth technology signed their contract. In June 2016, the project could be successfully completed with the overall acceptance. All in all, krauth technology supplied 128 new vending machines for the transportation network Saale-Thueringen-Suedharz and put them into live operation. Since the date the vending machines were officially put into operation, on 15th December 2015, customers have been profiting from the special operational concept with intuitively operable surfaces.

Christian Mueller from the abellio project team is happy that the target could be achieved within the set time-frame: “Together with krauth technology we developed a highly innovative, user-friendly ticket vending machine for our passengers. We are very glad that, together with our long partner krauth technology, abellio managed to enormously increase the quality of ticket vending in the network Saale-Thueringen-Suedharz.

For the provision of the ticket vending machines abellio was supported by TCAC GmbH in Dresden. Martin Haase, project manager at TCAC, remembers quite well the time the vending machines were put into operation: “At the beginning we had to face some teething troubles. Unfortunately this cannot be avoided in such a large project. However, thanks to the great commitment of all involved parties, the stable operation of the vending machines was realized quite fast, even if some weekend work became necessary.

Abdullah Sidaoui, project leader at krauth technology, is also highly satisfied with the way the project evolved: “We are very proud to have achieved the project target together with abellio, even though the time schedule was quite demanding. Moreover, a number of innovations could be realized. We look back on a challenging but very encouraging and innovative collaboration and do hope that this was not our last project together with abellio.”
Krauth technology express warm thanks to abellio and TCAC for the constructive collaboration helping to respect the ambitious time schedule.