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Mobile ticket machine

The optimal solution for customer-operated sale in vehicles

The development of mobile ticket machines is a great accomplishment because of the demand for preferably low weight and compact designs while retaining all the usual payment options. In the machine manufactory at Krauth Technology we have impressively succeeded in this balancing act, and with the AK 0328 we offer a mobile ticket machine with outstanding features that is already successfully in action in numerous transportation companies.
The system is an advancement of the known mobile ticket machines by Krauth Technology. Our company has an impressive record of expertise in construction, development, software and production. This is real “Made in Germany”.

  • Customer-operated sale in vehicles
  • User guided operation of the ticket machine via touch-screen
  • Fare systems are depicted in readily comprehensible drop-down menus
  • Acceptance of payments: coins, bills, chip – and credit cards
  • Contactless chip card system is integrable for eTicketing
  • Ease of servicing through the capability to change the ticket machine components so that servicing can be implemented quickly at a stop.
mobile ticket machine  AK 0328
banknote processing with escrow
mobile ticket machine  AK 0328
banknote processing with escrow
mobile ticket machine AK 0328
vandalism-proof & elegant solution

Despite its compact and slim design, the payment options of the AK 0328 are numerous. Besides being suitable for coins and chip cards, the AK 0328 can be equipped with a supplementary reader for bank notes. In May 2014 the mobile ticket machines from Krauth Technology (in operation in the city railways of Erfurt) extended their payment functions to include a contactless payment option known in Germany as Girogo. A major advantage of the contactless variant, compared to other non-cash payment methods, is that it is more vandal-resistant and has a higher durability. Also due to its compact design you do not lose any additional seats for your customers in your vehicle.