Info stationärer Fahrscheinautomat kt0333 TSI

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Prospekt stationären Fahrscheinautomat kt 0333 TSI

Brochure Money changer
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Krauth - money changer- the original 

AK 2002 (multiple) and AK 2001 (single)

  • AK 2002 (multiple) and AK 2001 (single) Krauth money changer- the original
  • Optimized coin flow to avoid deadlock
  • Intelligent distribution of the multiple issue or single issue output
  • Light pressure point for the button
  • Sturdy, industry tested mechanics and high ease of servicing
  • All components are made of non-rusting material
  • Interlocking of the money changer, that suits exactly to the payment counters
  • Safety of investment through long durability
money changer - AK-2001
money changer AK 2001
money changer -AK-2002
money changer AK 2002

The payment counters shown here are a small range of our enormous assortment. If you need a customized product, please contact us directly or visit our online shop.