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On-board computer kt 0101

A revolutionary system

The situations in which modern on-board computers/ticket printers are used today, range from buses and trams to booking offices. Krauth Technology presents our new on-board computer the kt 0101, a revolutionary system based on an Android-tablet. The perfect integration of the tablet with its own casing and rotating display enables optimal positioning in the vehicle. The expandability of the system is almost limitless, thanks to it being an app-based system.

Your customers & passengers are always a central focus for you, therefore you have the opportunity to orient the customer interface to perfectly adjust to the situations and needs within the vehicle while maintaining a perfect view of the operating display for the driving personnel. Up to now ticket printers/on-board computers could not cope with both demands, but with the kt0101MT k we offer the ideal solution with a 180° pivoted driver display in an appealing and modern design.

On-board computer kt 0101
Excellent product design
On-board computer kt 0101
Pivoted driver display
On-board computer kt 0101
Compact solution
  • The system has an efficient CPU in the tablet.
  • The on-board computer in the cube-base-station has an optional additional high performance-CPU (all of course without active fan).
  • The kt 0101 is small, light, quiet and easy to operate.
  • The system commands are user operated via a touch-screen. Colorful and graphic customer interfaces are possible.
  • Different fare systems are represented in modern and clear drop-down menus.
  • Integrable contactless chip card system for eTicketing.
  • Data communication via GSM / GPRS / Edge, ISDN, W-LAN, Network and USB-stick .
  • The Android operating system offers a number of highly interesting and affordable additional-apps.
  • The cube-base-station can be operated with a standard computer instead of a tablet for advanced bookings.
  • The tablet can also be used for data acquisition, for example through the inclusion of EBE-cases. In addition it can be integrated with a new Bluetooth-based printing unit to become a small manual ticket machine for on-call buses or on-demand transportation.

Smart ticket printing and robust components are a given, just like the long spare parts guarantee. We also offer our products for the OEM-market. The kt 0101 Master Tablet has the ability to serve left- as well as right- steering vehicles because of its clever design.

On-board computer kt0101
Regardless of whether left - or righthanded driver: The kt 0101 can be positioned perfectly.
Advance booking

The on-board computer kt 0101 MT is a revolutionary system:

The tablet is perfectly suitable as a stand-alone variant, as a manual ticket machine or as an advanced booking-acceptance point with a printing mechanism for advanced sales.

On-board computer system AK 0139c compact 

The ticket printer/on-board computer AK0139c is a complete system that handles all aspects of efficient fare collection and presents all services and on-board computer modes in a modular way.
With a large, ergonomic adjustable color screen and soft key controls, the AK 0139c is comfortable to operate.
Intelligent solutions for data communication enable a high level of automation, thereby making the system more efficient, and most importantly, safer.