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Brochure Printing module PDM 170
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Print technology for your distribution systems

High-powered thermal-printing mechanism 

The printing module PDM 170 is comprised of a high-powered thermal-printing mechanism. Perfect ticket printing and fast printing speed are outstanding characteristics of the PDM 170. Besides basic print of text, the PDM 170 also masters graphic printing of first class quality.  The ideal paper handling ensures maximum productivity. The durability of the print head is at the top of the range for this performance category. The PDM 170-V is assembled with the highest precession in our head office – this is real “Made in Germany” and we can guarantee consistent quality.

  • High-powered thermal-printing mechanism
  • Available in different versions:
  • Up to 4 paper types can be selected over a paper switch
  • Integrable barcode scanner
  • Sturdy structure
  • Designed for both stationary and mobile use
  • Low-maintenance
  • Easy to service
print module-PDM170
printing module with paper switch (4 varieties)
print module-PDM170
It is delieverable as an OEM- assembly
print module-PDM170
Avaiable as a desktop printer in advanced sales
print module-PDM170
Different types of paper can be processed.

4 paper rolls with different widths can be processed. The thermal-direct printing mechanism is used for printing tickets, receipts, service accounts, cancellation documents and is easy to configure. With the application of the barcode scanner different security measures can be achieved for paper management. Several sensors are used to recognize when the paper is running out, paper is empty and also for paper-blockage-situations. We also manufacture this product at our location in Eberbach with the highest quality and we are look forward, to be able to present this product to you personally during your visit.