Background system/ technical industrial management smart-tB

  • User administration
  • Tariff-Editor including tariff import
  • Web-Editor including web import
  • Data management
  • Barcode registration parameter editor
  • Device administration including service data monitoring
  • Web-monitoring
  • Operating progress editor
  • Ticket layout editor
  • Device simulator (optional)


SMART technical management

Prospekt stationären Fahrscheinautomat kt 0333 TSI

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Background system/ technical industrial management smart-tB 

Our BackOffice software SMART is available in different modules and can be customized to suit your company size and requirements. At this stage it represents the best central management-system for vehicle operation, sales and control of a transport company.

Authorization system

Every appointed transport company is managed as an independent client. Determination of the access and the access privileges of particular clients is possible via the system administration.

Modules of SMART

It has a vivid and intuitive user interface for all components of the software package.
It is easily configurable for all the needs and requirements of different customers.

SMART – Editors / Designer

Parameter Editor
The module „Parameter-Editor“ of SMART serves to centrally maintain, prepare and release global parameters for payment devices.
Examples for global parameters are communication settings, IBIS-settings or the activation of currency or number format.

Report Designer

The module “Report Designer” offers the user the opportunity to adjust existing designs of reports according to his or her own needs or to create new reports from templates. The report-designer is an ideal extension to the statistic-module. 

Operating sequence – Editor

In the ARIS family of ticket machines the selling process is in “offer” which is configured by the operating procedure “ArisConfig”. This configuration determines the desired product features with the press of a key. The relevant user interface is coded in HTML with the aid of JavaScript. The rate provided in the process of an offer is preset with the help of the SMART-tariff editor.

Web based Monitoring

  • You get a fast and convenient overview of the operational and resource conditions of all devices
  • Optimal detection of the available resources of the device
  • Economic planning and division of labor for service staff
  • Summing up and conveniently displaying all information from a control center
  • Information gathering regarding outsourced employments
  • Detailed diagnostics via remote communication
  • Give different groups of people different views of the operation status
  • Possibility to remote control the device
  • Flexibility to adjust to new situations, which is a long-term protection of investments
  • Ability to integrate your existing devices and systems (e.g. server)
SMART Web Monitoring

All these capabilities are offered by the web-based monitoring system. The following variables are available for visualization and assessment:



The operating status of:

  • Coin handling
  • Banknote handling
  • Payment transaction terminal
  • The contactless card interface
  • The printers
  • The door opening status
  • The alarm status
  • The service status
  • And more as required

The resource status of:

  • Coin magazines
  • Coin change storage
  • Banknote boxes
  • Printer paper
  • Other resources
  • And more as required

The report status of:

  • The tariff-, web-, offer- and code versions
  • The intelligent built-in components in hardware and software versions
  • Switch the device from active selling to passive selling mode
  • Reboot of the application program
  • Reboot of the device
  • Manual start of the data– supply and return
  • Gerät verkaufsaktiv / -inaktiv schalten
  • Aktivieren / Deaktivieren von Zahlungsmitteln
  • Neustart des Anwendungsprogramms
  • Neustart des Gerätes
  • Manuelles Starten der Datenver– und -entsorgung

In addition, event messages recorded by the devices can be filtered and displayed according to specific criteria.