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Stationary ticket machine

The slim, space-saving ticket machine: AK 0332

This system is smaller, slimmer and comes with a lower price point than a regular stationary ticket machine. If you should require a special design for the exterior  then we are also able to cater to your requirements. Because all aspects of production are done within the company, individual and creative designs are possible. Even the paintwork takes place in our production. With this ticket machine we offer an economical and useful alternative for stations and stops with limited space and throughput.

  • User guided operation of the ticket machine via touch-screen
  • Fare systems are depicted in comprehensible drop-down menus
  • Acceptance of payment: coins, bills, chip – and credit cards
  • Contactless chip card system is integrable for eTicketing
  • Data communication via GSM / GPRS / Edge, ISDN, W-LAN, Network and USB- stick
  • Ease of servicing through the ability to efficiently change the ticket machine components
  • Slimmer, smaller and lighter than a regular ticket machine (nearly all electronics are identical with the ones from kt333 TSI – consistent spare parts can be readily supplied)
kt 0332
paper rolls with different sizes
kt 0332
acceptance of diverse paying methods