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KT 0333 tsi

Stationary ticket machine

Improved performance for transport services: kt 0333 TSI

As a result of the excellent work of our design and development department, the krauth kt 0333TSI stationary ticket vending machine was certified to be in compliance with the European Railway Agency’s TSI directives by the Federal Railway Authority. The kt 0333 TSI also offers exceptional protection against vandalism. These are the features developed by krauth.

  • Compliance with the TSI-PRM (persons with restricted mobility) standards.
  • Display of tariff systems in clear drop-down menus.
  • Operation of the ticket machine via touch screen with user navigation.
  • Acceptance of various payment methods: coins, banknotes, chip and credit cards.
  • Integration of contactless chip card systems possible.
  • Data transfer via GSM / GPRS / Edge, ISDN, W-LAN, Network and USB- stick.
  • Easy servicing due to quick replacement of machine components.
  • Design of graphical user interface (HTML based) individually modifiable.
  • Individual, creative solutions possible for the outer casing.
stationary ticket machine-kt0333
High processing speed & outstanding printing quality
stationary ticket machine-kt0333
Vandal-proof & elegant design
stationary ticket machine-kt0333
Customer-specific dialogues

Should you request a special design for the outer machine housing, please do not hesitate to get in touch. As we handle all production stages ourselves in our own works, varnishing included, we are able to offer individual, creative solutions.