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Ticket validating at highest level 

Sturdy, fast & reliable: Our ticket validator AK 0107

The ticket validator AK 0107 is based on ground-breaking dot matrix printing technology and is designed in such a way that it can be applied to existing ticket validators without reconstruction work including retaining the existing plate and reusing the existing protective buffer. Our ticket validator with its ease of service, low initial costs and durability is also quiet, versatile and fast. With its compact structure the ticket validator is also perfectly integrable to our Krauth Technology payment counter. 

One particular benefit is the intelligent ticket width recognition. Here tickets can be inserted with different widths and the validation imprint is printed, within the center of the ticket through the use of integrated sensors. This is an ideal solution for transportation companies who want to use the ticket validator in conjunction with other networks that may have different ticketing systems.

  • Sturdy and compact dot matrix printer
  • Quiet, versatile and fast
  • IBIS capable
  • Low-maintenance
  • Intelligent ticket width recognition
  • Due to its compact design it can also be integrated with a payment counter
automatical ticket width recognition
automatic ticket width recognition
ticket validation
In it's compact design it is integrable in a payment counter
ticket validation
as a deposed module

All electronic and mechanical components are mounted in a robust stainless steel case, which improves the security against vandalism. We manufacture this product with the highest quality in our location at Eberbach and we look forward to be able to personally present this product to you during your visit.

To validate the ticket: After inserting the ticket the print gets released with lightning speed.
Autonomous operating mode: the ticket validator in this case is only connected with a power supply. An internal clock- and date- module generates the time data that gets printed on the ticket.
Controlled operating mode: The ticket validator works in slave-mode and is directed by a superior device (e.g. on-board computer) via IBIS or RS 485. In case of ticket control by ticket inspectors the ticket validators can be blocked, so that no tickets can be validated once the ticket inspection commences.


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