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Ticket validating at highest level

Never before has a ticket validator been more service-friendly than the new kt 0108

Our new ticket validator kt 0108 is the follow-up model to the previous validator AK 0107 and comes with a new printing unit and mechanical optimizations.

Based on the proven dot matrix needle printing technology, the ticket validator is designed in such a way that it can be used on standard validator holding plates without reconstruction work and can also be removed from the housing and replaced without tools.

All electronic and mechanical components are mounted in a robust powder-coated steel housing, which improves the security against vandalism. Perfect design, simple handling and a long service life are the hallmarks of our ticket validator making it the ideal system for validating tickets.

  • Sturdy and compact dot matrix printer
  • Quick printing and devaluation of the tickets
  • Possible deactivation of the ticket imprint during inspection
  • Suitable for multiple trip and stripe tickets
  • Automatic switchover from IBIS to autarkic operation
  • Time data generation by internal clock and date module + automatic summer/winter time changeover
  • Easy transfer of firmware-, parameter- and layout changes via USB stick
  • Low maintenance and easy to service
  • Uncomplicated exchange of the ribbon
  • Constructional separation of validator and housing enables tool-free exchange via "plug-and-play" system
Ticket validator kt 0108

We manufacture this product with the highest quality in our location at Eberbach and we look forward to be able to personally present this product to you during your visit.